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Sports Massage


What is a sports massage ? A sports massage is a specialized form of massage therapy focused at athletes. Usually this is given at three specific times. The first time is in between workouts, the second time is pre-event and the third time is post-event. Now in between workouts it's very important for a athlete to be able to get a massage because this does many things.


It helps increase muscle range of motion, muscle flexibility, range of motion, mobility, increases circulation and it takes away muscular aches and pains. It also helps them remain nice and soft and supple and flexible. One of the most important things it does however, in between workouts is it helps flush out all that lactic acid out of the tissue. Now lactic acid is a toxin, a natural toxin in your body that is released through strenuous exercise. If it is not flushed out, it can build up and build up and cause the muscles to become sore.


Pre-event sports massage and Post-event sports massage:

It's one of the most important factors in deciding whether to do a sports massage, in between as you need to flush out that lactic acid in between workouts. It reduces muscle recovery time. The second time is pre-event. Obviously pre-event sports massage and post-event sports massage are going to be totally different because your objectives are different. Pre-event wake up that athlete, you need to wake up the nerves and muscles, to wake up and revitalize their mind. Therefore you need to give nice brisk movements and a lot of stretching and mobilization and getting ready, getting that athlete ready to perform at this peak.


Post-event, you are really trying to bring down that athlete, you will be trying to bring down the heart rate and the energy. What you will be doing is some relaxation movements. You need to flush all that lactic acid out of that body and bring fresh clean blood and help that muscle recover. During a muscular performance when an athlete is performing, micro tears can occur in muscle and this fresh rush of blood with oxygen and nutrients can help recover those micro tears in the fiber. So a sports massage is wonderful for three things, in between workouts, pre-event and post-event.


Regardless of the sport or exercise that you do athletes put a lot of stress on the bodies both physically and mentally and recovering is a huge part of performing optimally in an event this is where sports massage comes in. Massage has been around for thousands of years but just recently we actually have research and proof validating its usefulness and today I wanted to tell you guys the benefits of why athletes should be getting regular massages. We're not talking about a relaxation or feel-good massages athletes need to air more on the sides of deep tissue and sports massage and while these aren't exactly comfortable all the time.


Helps physically and mentally:

The moments of pain are going to be worth it and these types of massages help athletes out a lot not just physiologically with their body but psychologically as well and that is a huge factor when it comes down to performing and competing physiologically. We know that massage helps prevent injuries and speed up the healing process but the massage is also directly affecting the athletes cardiovascular system which increases circulation and promotes blood flow.


Lowers Heart rate, helps Muscular system:

It lowers their heart rate and the manual manipulation not only provides nutrients but it removes excess waste that can get built up during activities aside from the cardiovascular system. Sports  massage of course helps out the muscular system the increased blood flow you get from massage can help to reduce the soreness of the tension and it brings about faster recovery.


Increases Flexibility:

The manual manipulation also helps to increase the range of motion and improve the flexibility of the muscles which increases elasticity and has a direct improvement upon their performance. There is a really interesting fact too that research has shown not only does it juice inflammation within the muscles but it actually promotes mitochondria growth which is the powerhouse of the cell. It is increasing your energy and when you're an athlete energy is everything so not only does massage feel good on your muscles but with reduced pain increased recovery and better flexibility.


Gives Mental Stability:

Sports massage  is good for your muscles of course competing isn't all just physical you got to get your head in the game and mentally is a huge aspect in any competition or event. Guess what massage can help with this - psychologically massage can activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is going to directly increase your dopamine and serotonin levels and drop your cortisol levels which are directly linked to stress. Having less stress proves very beneficial when trying to compete and overall you'll be reducing the anxiety and reducing stress.


Faster Paced Massage:

Intention and promoting relaxation know though that these benefits are only going to come from the right type of massage and that's where sports massage and deep tissue massage come into play. Sports massage is a faster paced massage focusing on the stretching of the muscles that help to increase flexibility movement and mobilization. It's great for reducing pain stretching out the muscles and warming them up or cooling them down in preparation for an event or directly post-event deep tissue. On the other hand is the recovery / healing bit when there's not an event coming up, this targets the much deeper layers of muscle where you'll find deep tension deep knots and deep trigger points the connective tissues can get very bound up when they're used constantly and don't have as much time to recover.


BetterPerformance, physiological and psychological:

So getting this type of massage will leave you much more open flexible and of course that increased circulation but be warned a massage like this you can end up a little sore but it's worth it getting regular massage turns your body into a flexible opt performance enhanced machine. It rehabs and prevents injuries provides benefits both physiological and psychological and gives you renewed and enhanced energy.

Taking to athletes of the same caliber the one who gets regular massage and recovers their body better will always win against the one who doesn't. In the world of competitive athletes where every second counts being first to improve your body can lead you to being first in everything.