Cupping Therapy


The traditional Chinese therapy cupping is still in use and now a number of modern health experts are also vowing for it. If placed in simple words, cupping therapy is all about applying suction on the skin with the help of glass cups that stimulates the tissues deeply and it is something similar to the process of physiotherapy.

Depending upon the health issues of the person, the expert offers different cupping therapy options such as glided cupping, flash cupping, and so on.

The Controversial Talk about Cupping Therapy

Though a number of experts suggest the method of cupping therapy, there are a number of modern experts who have also shown the other side of the coin. Though the physiotherapist experts have not directly denied the benefits of therapy but all they have said is about taking extra care while taking the treatment.

Whether it is cupping, physiotherapy Singapore or any other treatment, you should have a proper checkup of your health issues first in order to know what your exact condition is and whether the treatment is solving the problem or is worsening it so that you can take the necessary steps. The best is to get in touch with the professionals such as a physiotherapy clinic Singapore.

Useful for all age group

A number of people have considered that cupping therapy is one of the best Singapore pain solutions for older people. It can be a great option to have along with the solution of orthopedic Singapore. But there have been instances when women with issues such as menstrual cramps and other problems have been relieved with the treatment. Also, it can be also accompanied with sports massage in a number of instances.

In order to know whether a person can be relied upon or not for the cupping therapy, there are a number of points that can be followed such as:

• Whether the expert or the Singapore physio professional has a certification for the therapy or not,
• Whether the expert is fluently letting you know about both the pros and cons of the therapy in comparison to other options such as sports physiotherapy

The solutions in the east coast clinic options are high reliable because the expert maintain the above points and also keep the tools and the treatment area sterile for the best experience.