Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become so much weak that they can get fractured even with the mildest of stress. Most commonly, the bones of the wrist, spine or hip are the ones that get affected the most that have solutions such as medication, surgery, or physiotherapy.


One of the best ways to get the problem sorted out is through the option of physiotherapy Singapore but recognizing the problem of osteoporosis at an early stage can be a difficult thing. Normally, it is diagnosed by the physiotherapist only when somebody has already been affected and some signs can be:

• Pain in the vertebrae,
• Reducing of height,
• Stooped posture,
• Very brittle bones that can break quite easily.

There are also times when the symptoms are noticed during instances such as sports massage.

Possible Causes of Osteoporosis

During childhood, the bones keep on renewing so that a proper bone mass is attained when a person reaches the age of youth. After a particular age, the renewal process slows down. It has been noticed that people with the problem are those whose bone mass is not properly attained during youth and hence seek orthopedic Singapore help.

What are the risks?

There are a number of risks that can lead a person to osteoporosis and Singapore pain solutions. Some of them are:

• Women are more inclined towards the condition,
• It occurs more in older people and hence they reach out to physiotherapy clinic Singapore mostly,
• The condition is noticed more commonly in people, who are White or Asian,
• It can be hereditary,
• People with smaller frame are highly at risk,
• Certain hormonal problems such as thyroid or lower sex hormones in women can get affected,
• People with low intake of calcium, or eating disorders can get affected,
• Certain steroids and medicines such as that of cancer, gastric, and others can cause the problem of osteoporosis and many have to meet up Singapore physio experts as well,
• Some medical situations such as kidney disease, bowel disease, arthritis, and others can cause such a problem,
• Having a lifestyle with a high dose of alcohol, or tobacco use can also lead to the condition.

Is there any Solution for Osteoporosis?

There are some solid solutions to tackle the problem of osteoporosis and some of them are mentioned here.

• High intake of protein,
• Maintaining body weight if you are underweight,
• High intake of calcium,
• Exposure to vitamin D, and
• Regular exercising and along with sports physiotherapy.

But if still such problem occurs, the finest solution is to meet up the experts at the earliest such as that as that of east coast clinic.